Rosemont Sports Complex

Renovated in 2020, the BMX track at Rosemont was completely redesigned by Damien Godet, Olympic finalist at the Beijing Games.

The Rosemont BMX track now has a five-metre start ramp built to international standards and has floodlights for evening training sessions.

Its four pro straights and asphalt berms will play host to the French and European Cup events, with the high point being the 2023 European Championships. The track is otherwise home to Besançon’s French Division 2 BMX team. It has a timekeeping system and other key equipment to make your preparation a success.

The Rosemont Sports Complex offers a range of facilities, including changing rooms, washrooms and showers, as well as an office for training staff and a first-aid room. Athletes will also be able to enjoy a relaxation, massage and physiotherapy area, along with a modern and practical weights room. A secure workshop will also offer all the necessary for preparing, repairing and storing your bikes. If you need to hold briefings and video analysis sessions, a meeting room with modular furniture is also available.

If you require a personal protection service, rental transport services or access to training equipment, just ask! Teams will also be able to hire vehicles nearby for transport purposes (estates, vans, etc.).

Ideally situated, the Rosemont BMX track is linked to the city centre via tramway. The Plaines de la Malcombe area just nearby is ideal for endurance or high-intensity training sessions, and for taking some time out and relaxing surrounded by nature.

In brief

  • 2023 European Championship track
  • 5-metre-high start ramp
  • Changing rooms, washrooms, showers
  • Offices, video analysis room
  • Modern and practical weights room
  • Relaxation, massage and physiotherapy area
  • Equipped and secure mechanics’ workshop
  • Floodlit track
Discover our equipment in pictures:

Jérémy Rencurel

Jeremy took part in the 2016 Rio Olympics in BMX racing and has now joined the Besançon BMX club. He is hoping to represent France in the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics.

“The new BMX track in Besançon is unbelievable; it is very fast and also very challenging. It is also in a beautiful setting.”

Accompanying services

  • Transfers for riders and their equipment, from the airport to Besançon, and from Besançon to Olympic venues.
  • Vehicles on hand to transport athletes and equipment throughout their stay.
  • A liaison officer will accompany your team and be on hand 24/7 to help coordinate the logistics of your stay in Besançon.

Selection of accommodation nearby

All suites Hotel
Hôtel Ibis La City
Hôtel Mercure

Rosemont Sports Complex : Hôtel All suites 4Km / Hôtel Ibis La city = 2,7Km / Hôtel Mercure = 5,1Km

Recovery center & tailor-made medical services

Prepare physically for the Games stress-free, knowing you have access to an unrivalled preparation and recovery facility: the sport performance optimisation centre, or COPS, and its hypoxic rooms. If an injury occurs, a multidisciplinary hospital team is on hand to provide the care you need!

Diverse range of accommodation & close by equipment

At Besançon, enjoy the same high-quality accommodation and level of service as in other large cities, but at a far more reasonable price. And as the city is compact, your hotel will only be 15 minutes away from your training centre at most, making the commute stress-free

On-demand services

By choosing Besançon to prepare for the Games, you can concentrate all your energy on physical and mental preparation. Our welcome team will take care of the rest – airport transfers, transporting staff and equipment, providing language support – making sure you use your preparation time to the full and obtain that medal you came to win.

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