Montboucons Sports Hall

The Montboucons sports hall, with its playing surface area of 1,056 sq. m and stand with seating for 928 spectators, is a favourite training spot for numerous top-level athletes.

The Montboucons venue is designed for athletes who enjoy high-quality sports facilities and with plenty of space to train. The playing area consists of a wooden sprung floor which meets the standards required by teams preparing for the Games. The hall also has a high-performance lighting system to simulate match conditions for training sessions.

The facility also offers all the services athletes may need: spacious training and strengthening areas, first aids rooms and recovery areas. All the equipment is adjustable according to needs.

The centre is home to two French clubs all year round: the ASCCB, a Division C wheelchair basketball club, and the BesAc, which plays in the National 3rd Division. Matches are organised here every week.

Located at the centre of the Temis district, the complex brings together eight Olympic and Paralympic disciplines in one place, with direct access to accommodation and eating facilities. Near to the city centre, it is easy to get to by bus and by car, thanks to a free and secure single- storey car park with disability access.

In brief

  • 1,056 sq. m playing area2
  • Sprung floor
  • High-performance lighting
  • Weight training and recovery area
  • Accessible to people with disabilities
Discover our equipment in pictures:
Basket ball

Accompanying services

  • Transfer from airport to Besançon or Besançon to Olympic event sites for athletes and their equipment
  • Vehicles on hand to transport athletes and equipment throughout their stay.
  • A liaison officer will accompany your team and be available 24/7 to help with logistics during your stay in Besançon

Selection of accommodation nearby

All suites Hotel
Hôtel Mercure
Hôtel Vesontio

Montboucons Sports Hall :  Hôtel All Suites = 0,6Km / Hôtel Mercure = 3,1Km / Hôtel Vesontio = 1,2Km

Recovery center & tailor-made medical services

Prepare physically for the Games stress-free, knowing you have access to an unrivalled preparation and recovery facility: the sport performance optimisation centre, or COPS, and its hypoxic rooms. If an injury occurs, a multidisciplinary hospital team is on hand to provide the care you need!

Diverse range of accommodation & close by equipment

At Besançon, enjoy the same high-quality accommodation and level of service as in other large cities, but at a far more reasonable price. And as the city is compact, your hotel will only be 15 minutes away from your training centre at most, making the commute stress-free

On-demand services

By choosing Besançon to prepare for the Games, you can concentrate all your energy on physical and mental preparation. Our welcome team will take care of the rest – airport transfers, transporting staff and equipment, providing language support – making sure you use your preparation time to the full and obtain that medal you came to win.

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